maria puga lareo

Maria Puga Lareo is an Argentinian Jazz and Brazilian vocalist, songwriter and producer. 

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Maria Puga Lareo started her musical path singing in clubs and theaters and Jazz festivals, collaborating with the best musicians in a city rich with culture and history. Specializing in Jazz and Brazilian, songwriting and producing, Maria started her own indie music label in 2005 “My Keter Records”, and began singing professionally full time in 2000. After the release of her first album “Body and Soul” in 2005,  she started performing frequently in New York City. Among her first venues abroad, she performed at the “Temple of Jazz” Saint Peter's Church,  the “Manna House Theatre” in Harlem, the “Bernice Brooks Show" BCAT TV Channel, “Women’s Studio Center” in Queens and the Astoria Big Band. Soon after the release of Maria’s debut album, she worked together with Bob Cunningham, former bassist with Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, with the acclaimed Polish pianist Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio, and in Chile, “The Lecaros Clan”.  Maria also started a close partnership with pianist Bob Telson, the celebrated American composer/singer/songwriter, best known for his score to “Bagdad Café” and many Broadway credits, often filling theaters and clubs in Buenos Aires. Noteworthy with Telson is their recorded duet “Show Me Your Face” featuring Wynton Marsalis on trumpet. In addition, Ms Puga Lareo traveled to Israel performing with the “Robert Anchipolovsky Quartet” and Madrid Spain.  Her second CD offering “Facetas” featuring her multi layered vocals on “Angela”, and the “Bagdad Cafe” main title, was recorded both in New York and Buenos Aires, with piano and arrangements by multi Grammy winner Carlos Franzetti, the world renowned bassist Eddie Gómez, jazz producer Fernando Gelbard on flute and piano, Ed Uribe on drums, Latin Grammy winner Quique Sinesi on guitar and pianist Frank Collett, famous for his long standing work with Sarah Vaughan and many other vocal greats. Maria co-wrote and sang the signature tune and incidental music for Fox Sports tv show "Limite 4x4", broadcast to 25+ countries (2001)

María currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, saxophonist Bob Sheppard, international jazz recording artist. Maria is often seen performing in venues around Southern California and busy writing and recording her original music at her studio in North Hollywood, CA.

Affiliations include BMI (Broadcast Music Inc), NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and LARAS (Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), and the New York Foreign Press Agency for over 10 years.

María released through My Keter Records: “Body and Soul”, “Body and Soul- The EP”, “Beijo Partido”, “In A Sentimental Mood” and “Facetas” - with great response from the press in Argentina, an excellent review and comments of her CD in Japan, the same for the US and musicians like Arturo Sandoval, Lalo Schifrin, and Jorge Calandrelli among others.